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About E&P

E&P is an organization located in the Netherlands. But E&P undertakes its activities also beyond the Dutch borders as well in Europe, USA and Canada.

E&P has been very well known in the US and Canadian markets for a number of years and started in Europe in 2005.

E&P is a young, dynamic organization. E&P follow new developments closely and continuously adapts to the market requirements.

Vision and strategie

E&P has a number of essential principles:

The products must be easy to use

- everything that can be done automatically is automated

- the "push one button only" and "anyone can do it" principle

The products must be innovative and practical

- they meet the wishes of the customers

The product must be affordable and good

- a price relative to the quality

The products are reliable and safe

- they have been designed and tested with utmost care and they comply with all applicable standards

The strength of E&P

The balanced price-quality ratio

Easy to use

Practical and safe