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You know them. People relaxed appoaching the camping with there Caravan, finding a nice place and before you noticed they are enjoing a refreshing drink.

Are you the next for the upcoming season ?

The E&P automatic Levelingsystem stops backbraking moments during the manual levelling and stabelising procedure of your caravan.
The system takes care that after arrival on the camping your caravan stands in a leveled and stable position by pressing one button.

Simply level

In a horizontal position at the push of a button: the E&P Levelsystem automatically straightens up your caravan in just two minutes.
The unique feature of the E&P Levelsystem: six supports are connected with the vehicle frame using a mounting plate. This achieves unparalleled stability.

Effortlessly straight at the push of a button
Fully automatic level adjustment
Sturdy and vibration-free position
Good price-performance ratio
Additional theft protection


Operation the E&P Levelsystem takes place by using a control unit inside the caravan.
It has two control options:

The hydraulic supports are either automatically extended
and adjusted as required, or the supports are controlled
in pairs on one side by hand.

This prevents torsion in the chassis.